Red Dragon

The Red Dragon Update Approaches ArcheAge

ArcheAge’s December update will bring a major new adversary to the game, a real fire-breather.

The Red Dragon Misagon, announced in the update, is the leader of dragon-kind in ArcheAge. It also eats other dragons.

Trion World’s teaser post about the dragon update was written in a lore-friendly mode, so it doesn’t specifically outline what events will center around the Red Dragon. We do have some hints in the following passage from the blog post announcing the update, however.

“The Red Dragon and his Wyrmkin servants are once more on wing to Erenor, landing in our December game update to lay waste to the forces of Nuia and Haranya. While rumors swirl about Evenbards emerging to organize a defense, heroes turn their gaze toward Karkasse, where the bones of Misagon stand as a testament to the battles that lie ahead!”

Video above shows what appears to be Korean players taking on the Red Dragon world boss, so it does appear to be an impressive fight. We’ll bring you more updates as we get them.

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