Run Carrot Dash! Take a Look at a Rare, Silly Mount

ArcheAge is now suffering the inevitable launch pains of any MMORPG. Long queue times, glitches, and issues with patron accounts abound. Some fans are accepting and patient, some fans are pissed and shouting for blood. If other games are any indication all or most of it will blow over with time.

So in the meantime let’s watch BikestMan ride Carrot Dash to a one-hit wonder song from the 90s you might remember. Carrot Dash is an exclusive mount that rarely appears in the cash shop Archeum Supply Crates. It helps to be really rich or really lucky if you want this mount, but BikestMan’s was a gift.

Not everyone in ArcheAge is a Carrot Dash fan, as BikestMan discovers.

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