Secrets of Ayanad Update Coming Tuesday, March 10

We finally have a concrete date for the Secrets of Ayanad Update.

According to Trion Worlds, the long-awaited update will hit the North American ArcheAge servers on Tuesday. The servers will go down for the update at about 11 a.m. PT and come back up by 3 p.m. PT.  For Europe, the update will begin at 11 a.m. GMT and finish by 3 p.m. GMT.

The Secrets of Ayanad update includes Diamond Shores, a mid-sized zone in West Central Auroria. It’ll feature new opportunities for player housing, new vendors, a great point for turning in fish for gold or decorations and the Ayanad Library dungeon. The update will also add daily quests to help you get to the new level cap of 55.

It’ll also provide some opportunity for PVP, as it’s going to launch as a contested Aurorian area. Yep, there will PVP throughout the zone, except in the area around the Ayanad Library. That will be kept as a safe zone to allow players to form groups to tackle the dungeon without, you know, being ganked.


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