Small ArcheAge House

Simple Living With the 8 by 8 ArcheAge House

Unless you’ve got a, cough, superhuman advantage, land in ArcheAge can be hard to come by. So why shouldn’t ArcheAge mirror real life, where people in places where there is less land, like Japan, make the most of what they have. You’ve got to think small.

And that’s how BMFarhtz is thinking. This Reddit user showed off a design for a relatively functional house-like structure in an 8 by 8 plot. And it’s actually kind of cute.

Small ArcheAge House

The base is  a platform for a private woodworking table. The space has enough room for essentials like two chests and a bed. No all items fit , however, including “auctioneer/bank cushion, items that improve proficiency, and rugs.” And you can’t set a teleport point at the location. But for fans of living simply, this might be the way to go.

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