Sloth Glider

Sloth Glider, That is All

Bikeman calls on his fan to harass Trion Worlds to bring this unbearably cute sloth glider to American ArcheAge.

The sloth glider is a paid item in Korea, although Bikeman doesn’t want that in the U.S. There’s a profanity-laden tirade about what Bikeman will do if it ends up in an RNG box.

He fully admits that it’s an overpowered item and demonstrates why. The sloth glider has a powerful escape move and can actually stop in mid-air, effectively giving the player who uses the credit card buff the ability to hover. Bikeman suggests it might be better just to make the sloth a skin for regular gliders than to introduce an overpowered cash shop item, although he says he would be okay with its abilities if it were a boss drop.

So what do you think? Couldn’t you just die of cuteness? The most difficult part for me is how it just sort of chills out on your back while you’re walking around.

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