Sneak Into a Huge Secret Tree Farm

Pohx Kappa has uncovered what he says is the largest secret tree farm in the ArcheAge alpha, and I’m inclined to believe it. This thing is huge.

The secret farm is hidden in an extremely out of the way location, in a place on the map where it seems like you may have to pass boundary markers to get to it, although you can actually get around them without doing so.’

As Pohx discovers, the tree farm is also heavily guarded by an army of Oran’Thul guild members who are not so happy about visitors to the secret farm. Apparently Oran’Thul is working with the Bushi guild on the farm.

With the help of some of his friends, however, Pohx is able to sneak by and get some shots of it, which are impressive. The labor and money that went into the farm must be massive. But trees are also a valuable commodity in ArcheAge, so the payoff must be large as well.

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