How to Summon The Red Dragon

Now that the Red Dragon is available in ArcheAge’s latest update, you probably want to fight it, right?

Sfeer has helpfully created the above video, which lays out the steps you need to summon the dragon.  Check out the video and give Sfeer a follow.

Here are the instructions from the YouTube description:

First travel to a major city like Marianople and speak to one of the Evenbards. If you have any questions about the Evenbards watch my ‘Friend of Giants’ title video.

Buy the new book ‘Mireyna’s Dragon Hunt Journal’ wich is added in the latest ArcheAge patch (18 december 2014).

After you bought the book for 30 silver teleport to Brownscale Wyrmkin in Karkasse Ridgeland. Around this camp you will need to kill 3 80k HP elite mobs. I suggest you find some friends and do this in a group else you are going to have a bad time.

Another thing you need are 30 Anya ingots wich you can mine yourself in the mines of Auroria or buy from the Auction House (AH).

Follow the questchain in the Brownscale Wyrmkin camp and defeat the 3 elite mobs. From each mob you will receive 1 quest item. With all 3, 30 anya ingots and 500 labor you will get the Dancing Goddess’s Hunt.

You can now interact with Dragon Eggs and summon the red dragon.

Pic from this album, which shows guild Lazy Gamers summoning the beast.

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