Super Weird ArcheAge Video is Super Weird

Man, I have no idea what’s going on.

Okay, no, I have a little bit of an idea. This is a semi-recreation of a music video Little Apple by a Chinese group called The Chopsticks Brothers. In ArcheAge. It’s very, very Asian, in fact just about as Asian as something can possibly get.

It shows how much work Trion Worlds has to do in translating ArcheAge’s sensibilities for a Western audience, although one must assume that the ArcheAge audience would be more receptive of Asian culture than most.

It’s also impressive to see so many players working together for such a well-choreographed video.

It might also be an example ongoing tension between China and South Korea, judging from the text in the description that say “China can’t stop the step of Archeagers!!!”

Here’s the original video for comparison:

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