ArcheAge Ends AFK Kick Timer

ArcheAge’s AFK (Away From Keyboard) kick timer has run out of time. Trion Worlds has removed it from the game. The kick timer coupled with an offline labor penalty for free players led to some ridiculous scenarios, like people setting their characters to whack scarecrows so they could stay online and build labor points while […]

Driving AFKers Over the Edge

Annoyed by people hanging out AFK, hitting dummies to stay logged in to collect labor, and maybe causing an area to lag? Krap has a novel solution. First you need a farm cart, and a steep cliff. Just back over the AFKers to pick them up and drive them off the cliff. But you can’t […]

A Drastic Solution to the AFK Problem

Sure, lots of gamers are annoyed by people clogging up ArcheAge servers and avoiding its AFK (Away From Keyboard) timer by doing things like auto-attacking training dummies. But they mostly shake their heads and let it go. Zoxx Tearshorn, however, has a much more extreme, humorous, and farm-equipment-based vigilante solution to the issue. He just […]

ArcheAge Updates Include New Servers, Bot Bans, Daily Restarts

Today Trion Worlds posted a new update on ArcheAge and how it has been addressing some of the problems that have popped up since its Western launch. According to the post, Trion has recently added three new North American servers to address the painfully long queue times some users were experiencing. Fortunately, new users are […]

Possibly the Least Evenly Matched Naval Battle Ever Recorded

The player in the small boat in this video went AFK for a minute to go get some cereal. Hope it was Captain Crunch of something awesome like that, because when he came back he found this. Other players surrounded the small boat with six galleons. When they were all lined up they obliterated the […]

The Dangers of Going AFK at the Docks

Yesterday, I alluded to the fact that AFK (Away From Keyboard) fishing, or going AFK near water for any reason, can be risky in ArcheAge. There’s a chance when you’re AFK you’ll get trolled and someone will try to drown you or push you into the water to where you can be ganked. Leave it […]