ArcheAge Alpha Ends, Open Beta Starts Thursday

Trion Worlds has announced that ArcheAge will start a brief open beta, from Thursday, September 4 at 10:00 AM PDT until the same time Monday, September 8 and then launch for real on Sept. 16. Founder’s Pack owners get to start the main game four days early on the 12th. The move to open beta meant that […]

Win an Alpha and Beta Invite Through the ‘Raise Your Sails’ Contest

Trion Worlds is running a contest that will give you a chance, okay, a slim chance, of gaining access to its beta events and, more importantly, its ongoing alpha. The “Raise Your Sails” contest is for  players to create a custom design “to be placed on a ship sail in ArcheAge: 256px wide by 256px high […]

ArcheAge Update 1.2 Goes Live Today, Beta in Mid-to-Late-July

The ArcheAge alpha server will be down for maintenance this morning, but when they come back up the place will be spruced up quite a bit with a new update. Update 1.2 will go live today. This will contain several fixes and improvements that have already been made to the Korean version, although it WILL […]

Trion Worlds Upgrades Hardware to Meet ArcheAge Alpha Demand

Now here’s a good sign. The ArcheAge alpha is so popular that Trion Worlds recently sent an e-mail saying it had doubled its server hardware twice since the alpha started. According to an e-mail from Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman: “The massive number of Archeum Founders has really helped us stress test the way we […]

Trion Worlds Releases Founder’s Packs

Trion Worlds has made available Founder’s Pack for ArcheAge. According to Massively and the official ArcheAge site, the packs for beta are: • Silver ($49.99): Beta access, four-day head start, Founder title (with stats), 30-day patron pass, experimental hang glider, and 2,500 credits. • Gold ($99.99): Beta access, four-day head start, Traveler title (with stats), 60-day patron […]

ArcheAge Alpha Now In Progress, NDA Lifted

Trion Worlds announced today that its ArcheAge alpha has officially begun, celebrating the start with the English trailer you see above. According to Trion the Alpha “is an opportunity for a hand-picked group of ArcheAge fansite operators, livestreamers, and select community members to sample the game before launch.” Trion also lifted the Alpha NDA (Non-Disclosure […]