Full Patch Notes For Secrets of Ayanad Update

Trion Worlds has released patch notes for the big Secrets of Ayanad Update, which is coming to ArcheAge Tuesday. This big update will add a new region, Diamond Shores, plus new housing opportunities, a new major dungeon, and more. The patch notes are below: ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 5.0: Patch Notes SECRETS OF AYANAD The […]

Secrets of Ayanad Update Coming Tuesday, March 10

We finally have a concrete date for the Secrets of Ayanad Update. According to Trion Worlds, the long-awaited update will hit the North American ArcheAge servers on Tuesday. The servers will go down for the update at about 11 a.m. PT and come back up by 3 p.m. PT.  For Europe, the update will begin […]

An Arena Fighter Gets an Unexpected Lift

This video features some rather awful image quality, but the payoff is worth it. The arena combatant here, Uzi AA, is in fact not taking the arena battle seriously. No, no, they are doing what the kids call trolling. In this particular case it involves using some type exploit to trap and then toss people […]

Guild Accidentally Makes Decent Ad For ArcheAge

Seriously, Jolly Q’s highlight reel here might be a better pitch for why one should play ArcheAge than anything Trion Worlds has put out. All gameplay footage, it gives you a good look at PVP, naval battles, sieges and all of the weird and wonderful things you can do in ArcheAge like flying gliders and […]

It’s an ArcheAge Paradise in this Parody Video

What’s ArcheAge have to do with being Amish? Well, it’s uh, there’s this video, I guess. XBLAndross’s parody, set to Weird Al’s “Amish Paradise” has surprisingly little farming, considering the theme. But it does feature quite a few funny gags and takes on Archeage’s life, so check it out and party like it’s 1699. Have […]

Goodbye Divine Gifts

To give ArcheAge players a little something extra in a period where there was a lot of complaining and diasatisfaction,  in January Trion Worlds implemented a Divine Gifts system. Players got used to the goodies popping up in the corner of their screens giving them free Sun/Moon/Starpoints, Lucky Sun/Moon/Star Points, bound food, potions, Lunarites, Hereafter […]

ArcheAge DDoS’d, Again

If you were trying to get on North American ArcheAge yesterday and couldn’t, here’s your reason. Someone decided to run a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack against the game. “Aranzeb, Naima, Ollo, and Kyrios are experiencing crashes due to a DDoS attack pointed at our Dallas center. We’re in the process of getting the […]