Trion Listens to Players, Adds Sloth Glider to Loyalty Store

When ArcheAge players saw signs on the ArcheAge public test server that the adorable sloth glider might be an RNG Box only item on the cash store, they hit the roof. But Trion has listened to player concerns and offered another way to get the cute little guy. After all, no one really wants to […]

Just a Big ‘Ole Fight

This is actually titled Faction War for Yntsere, and that it well may be, but that’s not what is is appealing about it. What’s appealing is the chaotic, large-scale nature of this PVP contest. If you want go big or go home PVP, that’s something ArcheAge serves up well. From the description the person who […]

Looks Like ArcheAge’s Sloth Glider Might Come in an RNG Box

Better get your prayer beads out and start praying to RNGesus, because if reports from players playing the latest update on the ArcheAge Public Test Server (PTS) are accurate, it looks like the coolest glider ever will probably be an RNG box item. Yes, the Sloth Glider, made famous by YouTuber Bikeman and also by […]

XL Games Previews Bigger, Better Houses in ArcheAge 1.8

This new video from XL Games shows off new housing features that will be rolling out in the 1.8 version of ArcheAge. As you can see, the update includes much nicer-looking two and even three story houses. It also allows you to integrate agriculture and workshops into your houses in an aesthetically pleasing way. The […]

End of Holiday Update Available on ArcheAge PTS

A new update is available on the ArcheAge public test server that will re-ice the hearts of those tired of all of this warm holiday cheer. The new update, build 4.17,  is relatively basic. It ends the Winter Maiden Festival events and other holiday fun and makes a few stability upgrades. It should go live on […]

ArcheAge is Turning 2

ArcheAge’s second anniversary isn’t officially until January 15, the date of its official Korean release in 2013. But XL games has uploaded an official video celebrating. What’s the message? I don’t speak Korean so I have no idea. But for English speakers, Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartmsan shows up at 2:51 in the video to […]

Guide Offers Way to Farm 1,000 Jester Coin Purses Per Hour

Need some cash in ArcheAge? Here’s one way to get it, if you’re patient and don’t mind repetitive tasks. Wait, what am I saying, you play MMORPGs, that’s the oil that keeps the genre’s engine running. WestyTV has worked out a way to get 1,000 Jester Coin Purses per hour per group. Even if RNGesus […]