ArcheAge Player Opens 1,000 Jester’s Coin Purses

Before the launch of ArcheAge there was a bit of controversy about archeum drop rates and rewards. One intrepid, patient player, Madawac, recently gathered 1,000 Jester’s Coin Purses and opened them all. You can watch the mindnumbingly repetitive 15 minute video above, or you can just skip to the end to check out his loot. […]

ArcheAge Head Start Begins Today

The public ArcheAge release date is still Sept. 16, but if you’re one of the purchasers of an ArcheAge Founder’s Pack you can start playing today. Head start begins today at 10:00 AM PDT and runs until 8:00 AM PDT  on Tuesday, September 16, according to Trion Worlds. Of course, since there isn’t any wipe […]

Watch Trion Worlds Answer Pre-Launch Questions About ArcheAge

Watch live video from TrionWorlds on Twitch Trion Worlds held a livestream this week to recap its just-completed open beta. Much of the running time of the nearly hour-long stream was devoted to Q and A about the upcoming launch, and addressing some recent controversies caused by cash shop changes introduced during the open beta. Some […]

ArcheAge Archeum Change Causes Controversy

Some ArcheAge players are not happy about some changes Trion Worlds made to ArcheAge before this week’s open beta began, and money is at the root of it. The biggest stink has been raised about Archeum Supply Crates  being added to the ArcheAge cast shop. The chests give you, among several other things, archeum, a resource that […]