An Arena Fighter Gets an Unexpected Lift

This video features some rather awful image quality, but the payoff is worth it. The arena combatant here, Uzi AA, is in fact not taking the arena battle seriously. No, no, they are doing what the kids call trolling. In this particular case it involves using some type exploit to trap and then toss people […]

ArcheAge Producer Previews 2015 Improvements

New ArcheAge Producer Mervin Lee Kwai has promised that Trion Worlds will tackle many of the problems that most irritate ArcheAge players this year. In a new interview with, Kwai talked about bots, combating ArcheAge inflation, loyalty store items, arena and fishing tourneys, top tier rewards and new upcoming content. Check out the full […]

One-on-One Arena PVP With a Daggerspell

There’s nothing like testing yourself in one-on-one MMO PVP duels. Duking it out mano-a-mano. By the way, mano-a-mano means hand to hand, not man to man, that’s one a lot of people get wrong. Pohx Kappa has released a new video where he puts his Daggerspell character up against a host of other opponents in […]

A Quick Look at the ArcheAge 1.2 Update

  Pohx Kappa provides this new ArcheAge video providing an overview of the recently applied 1.2 update. Pohx covers various changes to combat, a newly added zone, a one vs. one arena, and other changes in the update. One of the most interesting new additions is the new area, Diamond Shores. It includes a neutral […]