Meet Snaky, the Bot Who Just Won’t Quit

This video of a player tenaciously trying to singlehandedly solve an ArcheAge bot problem is a bit sad, and not just because it reveals there are still bots on the Auroria Continent and in ArcheAge. No, it’s sad because the bot the player is killing, the aptly named Snaky, has no soul. Snaky doesn’t care […]

ArcheAge Patch Starts Auroria Sieges Sooner and Adds Anti-Cheat Upgrades

A new update to ArcheAge will up the timetable on Auroria sieges, attempt to dial down the number of false positive disconnections caused by HackShield, strengthen the spam filter and add some new anti-hacking software. Wanna defend that castle? You’d better hustle. The patch  is scheduled to be applied today, Nov. 14, in both North […]

Trion Tries to Calm Those Shut Out of the Auroria Landrush

The Auroria land rush, which added 30 percent more housing space to ArcheAge and allowed enterprising guilds to build their own keeps, was a great opportunity. If you could connect, that is. If you couldn’t, well, you’re probably not feeling that happy about it, like many other players who are upset because server bug made […]

An Auroria Land Rush Re-Enactment

To say it’s hard to get some land in ArcheAge might be an itty bitty understatement. The new Auroria continent adds 30 percent more housing, which becomes available after guilds claim the land and build castles. You’d think that’d alleviate things, but … So how did opening up this new land go? Bikeman has a […]

Auroria Update Out Today

ArcheAge adds a brand new continent for you to explore today. And a whole new land rush as people try to claim spots for housing! Auroria adds six new zones to the game. Four are up for grabs for guilds to claim and rule from a castle they can build. Thirty percent more housing space […]

ArcheAge Opening Auroria Continent Nov. 4

ArcheAge starting to feel a bit small? Trion Worlds has confirmed it will be officially opening the Auroria continent Nov. 4, offering you new zones to explore and maybe a slightly better chance at claiming a piece of land for yourself. Auroria adds six new zones to the game. Four are up for grabs for […]

ArcheAge Auroria Continent Coming Soon

According to a report from Junkies Nation, Trion Worlds says the Auroria content will be unlocked “within weeks.” Junkie’s Nation’s Kiwi Dream participated in an podcast with Trion Worlds’ ArcheAge Associate Producer Amanda “Amary” Fry and Producer Victoria “FireCait” Voss. In the podcast few details were dropped about opening the high-level zone. According to […]