The End of Anthalon

The Legacy guild brings a lot of firepower to bear to take down this powerful enemy on Enla. OK, so they zerged the hell out Anthalon, but you go with what works. Is it the first kill of this boss? Well, no, that’s super controversial, with lots of other guilds claiming they got it first […]

Watch This Chaotic 200-Person ArcheAge Battle

There are a lot of people trying to play ArcheAge in its first week after launch. You’ve probably noticed the server queues. So it shouldn’t be too hard to find some big PVP battles, but even so this fight from Dervy, which is described as the War at Hasla, is intense. It features an alleged […]

War Thunder Gameplay Multiplayer – [Ground Strike] Port (Arcade Battle)

NEW War Thunder Gameplay Multiplayer covers gameplay action of World War 2 plane simulator combat. Download : Hope you enjoy this new …

ArcheAge Online CBT3 Gameplay Ship Battle Board Enemy Ship

ArcheAge Online CBT3 Day 3 Report – I wanted to kill them but we were outnumbered! http://www.steparu…

ARCHEAGE Naval battle

ARCHEAGE Battle of Black Pearl. Video Rating: 5 / 5

Archeage Gameplay Naval Battle video MMO HD TV 720p

Video Rating: 5 / 5