Fourth ArcheAge Closed Beta Coming Aug. 22

Trion Worlds has just wrapped its third ArcheAge closed beta, but it’s not going to make you wait that long for the next one. Conflict and Conquest, the fourth closed beta, starts Friday, August 22 at 10:00 AM PDT and will run until that time on Wednesday, August 27, according to the official ArcheAge site. New to […]

Take Your Best Shot to Win the ArcheAge Screenshot Contest

Shoot a selfie, a stunning vista, some war correspondent PVP, a danceoff, whatever you want. But get out there and take screenshots because Trion Worlds is running an ArcheAge screenshot contest and there’s some real-world booty on the line. The “Shots Fired” contest, announced last night, is to take a screenshot that best captures the […]

Next ArcheAge Closed Beta Starts August 14

Trion Worlds has announced the third ArcheAge closed beta event, which it’s dubbing Blood & Bounty, will begin at 10:00 AM PDT Thursday, August 14 and continue until Monday, August 18 at 10:00 AM PDT. According to an official blog post, for the third closed beta Trion plans on bringing even more players onboard. It […]

Let’s Check in on ArcheAge in Japan

The ArcheAge closed beta is going on right now, and it’s a lot of fun, as long as you can get that damn boar without being trampled by 300 other Firrans. But other countries have had the game for a while and have a more matured user base. So how are things going there? The […]

ArcheAge Closed Beta 2 Launches

ArcheAge’s second closed beta event is now online. Trion Worlds has experienced a few tech issues the first day, but those are apparently being sorted and people are playing. Boy, are they ever. Pic posted by Leemaq on Reddit. Some people report less overcrowding. Apparently Firrans are just really popular. But that there’s still so […]

Trion Worlds First Beta Recap

Watch live video from TrionWorlds on Twitch Before Trion Worlds jumps into ArcheAge closed beta 2 July 30, Lead Producer Victoria “FireCait” Voss and Senior Community Relations Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman took a minute to recap the first beta. “We ended up with more folks than we expected,” Voss said. Trion filled up first server in 18 minutes, […]

Some ArcheAge Beta Impressions

The first ArcheAge closed beta event has ended. How did it go down with gamers? This video from Dervy shows one perspective. “I had such a good time playing this game. If you’re looking for a game that is focused on the PVP and the game revolves around PVP. Or be a pirate, be a […]