ArcheAge Takes a Hammer to the Botters and the Spammers

Bots and spammers plague any MMO. All game creators can do is keep up a constant fight to keep them down. So it’s heartening to see that Trion Worlds is doing just that, killing, by its account, 16,000 fraudulently-obtained bot and spam accounts yesterday. Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman broke the news. “We’re pleased to […]

Behold the The Immortal Teleporting Bot

Bots are not human. Do not expect them to play by your human rules. Agent North came across an apparently unkillable bot during a recent ArcheAge session in the alpha. He repeatedly tried to attack the bot, which was farming some mobs, but whenever its health would get low enough the bot blinked out of […]

The Bot Invasion of ArcheAge

Watch live video from Killadrix77 on TwitchTV With every popular MMORPG, they come. Bots. Soulless automatons programmed only to earn in game currency and items so their handlers can sell it for real money to people who don’t want to grind it themselves in the game. Killadrix77 stumbled upon a beach landing of a group […]