Sloth Glider, That is All

Bikeman calls on his fan to harass Trion Worlds to bring this unbearably cute sloth glider to American ArcheAge. The sloth glider is a paid item in Korea, although Bikeman doesn’t want that in the U.S. There’s a profanity-laden tirade about what Bikeman will do if it ends up in an RNG box. He fully […]

ArcheAge Open Beta Patch Adds New Features

The ArcheAge open beta starts in just a little bit. Before you dive in, however, you’ll have to download a new 800 MB patch with some pre-beta tweaks to the game. New features include a new farm cart that can carry two resource packs, an AFK kick that will kick off players who are away from […]

An Overview of ArcheAge’s Cash Shop

Cash shops in MMORPGs tend to be magnets for controversy. After all, if the game sells the wrong items there, players can feel that those willing to spend money can unbalance the game and gain an unfair advantage. I don’t mind being ganked by someone who is better than me and who put in more […]

What Can You Buy at the ArcheAge Cash Shop?

If you want to, you can get what most of you want in ArcheAge by grinding away and quests, crafting and activities. But if you’ve got money and not a lot of patience, there’s a recently opened cash shop that’ll make things a lot quicker for a little of your real world gold. And it […]