Take Your Best Shot to Win the ArcheAge Screenshot Contest

Shoot a selfie, a stunning vista, some war correspondent PVP, a danceoff, whatever you want. But get out there and take screenshots because Trion Worlds is running an ArcheAge screenshot contest and there’s some real-world booty on the line. The “Shots Fired” contest, announced last night, is to take a screenshot that best captures the […]

Win an Alpha and Beta Invite Through the ‘Raise Your Sails’ Contest

Trion Worlds is running a contest that will give you a chance, okay, a slim chance, of gaining access to its beta events and, more importantly, its ongoing alpha. The “Raise Your Sails” contest is for  players to create a custom design “to be placed on a ship sail in ArcheAge: 256px wide by 256px high […]