Controversial Arche PVP Vid: Real or Staged?

This is, on the surface, a funny vid where one ArcheAge player is attacked in their house by three somewhat noobish gankers who are very swiftly discouraged when they realize they are outmatched. Some of the people who viewed it in the thread  the player, Phoxly, posted on Reddit, however, consider it a bit too […]

Trion Says It’s Working to Allow ArcheAge Players to Remove Hackshield

One of the biggest fan grumbles since ArcheAge launched has been the fact that the game uses Hackshield. Hackshield is an anti-cheat measure that’s still common in Asia, where XL Games originally created ArcheAge and where Hackshield itself comes from, but bringing it up in the west is like saying Lord Voldemort at Hogwarts. The […]