Full Patch Notes For Secrets of Ayanad Update

Trion Worlds has released patch notes for the big Secrets of Ayanad Update, which is coming to ArcheAge Tuesday. This big update will add a new region, Diamond Shores, plus new housing opportunities, a new major dungeon, and more. The patch notes are below: ArcheAge Version 1.2 Build 5.0: Patch Notes SECRETS OF AYANAD The […]

Secrets of Ayanad Update Still “a Couple Weeks Off”

Trion Worlds took ArcheAge servers down today, making clear it was just for routine maintenance and not to install the big Secrets of Ayanad update we’ve been waiting for. In doing so, they did give some guidance on when Secrets of Ayanad is coming. In a post announcing the downtime, Trion Worlds said the update […]

Halnaak So Killed So Very Dead on ArcheAge PTS

This content isn’t out for ArcheAge proper quite yet, but here you can preview a major new encounter with Halnaak that’s available on the ArcheAge PTS (Public Testing Server). The big jerk, who shows up on the floor 2 of the Ayanad Library that will be added along with other Diamond Shores content in the […]

Diamond Shores Coming to ArcheAge Soon

Trion Worlds has announced that the next ArcheAge update will include a new region, Diamond Shores. Released as part of the Secrets of Ayanad update, Diamond Shores is mid-sized zone in West Central Auroria. It’ll feature new opportunities for player housing, new vendors, a great point for turning in fish for gold or decorations and […]

ArcheAge Producer Previews 2015 Improvements

New ArcheAge Producer Mervin Lee Kwai has promised that Trion Worlds will tackle many of the problems that most irritate ArcheAge players this year. In a new interview with MMORPG.com, Kwai talked about bots, combating ArcheAge inflation, loyalty store items, arena and fishing tourneys, top tier rewards and new upcoming content. Check out the full […]

A Quick Look at the ArcheAge 1.2 Update

  Pohx Kappa provides this new ArcheAge video providing an overview of the recently applied 1.2 update. Pohx covers various changes to combat, a newly added zone, a one vs. one arena, and other changes in the update. One of the most interesting new additions is the new area, Diamond Shores. It includes a neutral […]