ArcheAge DDoS’d, Again

If you were trying to get on North American ArcheAge yesterday and couldn’t, here’s your reason. Someone decided to run a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack against the game. “Aranzeb, Naima, Ollo, and Kyrios are experiencing crashes due to a DDoS attack pointed at our Dallas center. We’re in the process of getting the […]

ArcheAge Servers Back Up

Checking as I write this, it seems like Trion Worlds has gotten its ArcheAge server problems under the control. All of the servers seem to be up now, although obviously that could change quickly. Trion Worlds has also promised generous compensation for the recent downtime, which they plan to announce today. Unfortunately, while the servers […]

ArcheAge Servers Suffer Extended Downtime

ArcheAge fans recently had to put up with some extended holiday downtime. Server issues that cropped up Sunday made the servers difficult or impossible to access for more than a day. While Trion Worlds worked to fix the problems there were annoying queues. downtimes and other inconveniences as it attempted to set things back in […]