Tips For Playing ArcheAge F2P and Progress on Fighting Bots

Scion Storm has put together a nice new video that offers some helpful advice to two types of ArcheAge players. Are you the type of player that hates bots? Here is some praise for Trion Worlds’ ArcheAge GMs for zotting some bots. Are you the type of player that never likes to pay for anything? […]

ArcheAge Launches in the West

It was a long, sometimes seemingly interminable wait, but ArcheAge is now available to play in the North America and Europe. The full version of the free-to-play MMORPG went live today, with F2P players able to download the client at 1 PM ET, an hour delayed because of server issues. Players who had client installed […]

Trion Will Control Prices in ArcheAge’s Cash Shop

Pieces of how ArchAge’s western free-to-play model will work continue to fall into place. In answer to a question on ArcheAge Source about how much control Trion Worlds has over the prices in ArcheAge’s cash shop, Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman said those prices are set by Trion. “We decide what’s in it and at […]

ArcheAge Switching to F2P in Japan

As of April 24th the Japanese version of ArcheAge will switch from a subscription model to a free-to-play model, reports Massively. Japanese publisher GameOn announced the switch, and also an upgrade to the controversial 1.0 update the same day. The update increases the level cap from 50 to 55 and makes other balance and gameplay […]