ArcheAge Player Opens 1,000 Jester’s Coin Purses

Before the launch of ArcheAge there was a bit of controversy about archeum drop rates and rewards. One intrepid, patient player, Madawac, recently gathered 1,000 Jester’s Coin Purses and opened them all. You can watch the mindnumbingly repetitive 15 minute video above, or you can just skip to the end to check out his loot. […]

Check Out This Guide to Living off the Land in ArcheAge

Farming is a vital activity in ArcheAge. Whether you want to do it legit and pay your taxes like a square, do it down and dirty with an illegal farm, or just steal from the suckers who farm, it’s likely you’ll end up involved in the ancient art of working the soil with your hands […]

How to Make Gold In ArcheAge

Even in a fantasy sandbox universe, you gotta make that money. Actually, it might even be more important. Here’s a guide from MonkeyBusinessGaming that shows some of the basic ways to make gold. Trade runs and managing your farm may not be the most exciting things for some players, but they help you pay for the […]

How to Get Wood in ArcheAge

One thing you’ll notice about ArcheAge, there is a lot of focus on wood. You need wood to build things. It’s can also be a valuable resource to make a profit on. This woodcutting guide video from BoneFireTv shows how to more efficiently obtain wood, getting the most profit with the shortest yield time. It’s […]