Tanks For the Help With Crimson Rift, Guys

ThePheronCore and pals could have ran Crimson Rift like normal people, but they decided it would be more fun to gather more than 40 tanks and take it on. After watching the video, we have to agree.  The tanks tear into the enemies with siege weapons in an impressive display of firepower. The Hounds of […]

Guide Offers Way to Farm 1,000 Jester Coin Purses Per Hour

Need some cash in ArcheAge? Here’s one way to get it, if you’re patient and don’t mind repetitive tasks. Wait, what am I saying, you play MMORPGs, that’s the oil that keeps the genre’s engine running. WestyTV has worked out a way to get 1,000 Jester Coin Purses per hour per group. Even if RNGesus […]

Behold the The Immortal Teleporting Bot

Bots are not human. Do not expect them to play by your human rules. Agent North came across an apparently unkillable bot during a recent ArcheAge session in the alpha. He repeatedly tried to attack the bot, which was farming some mobs, but whenever its health would get low enough the bot blinked out of […]

95K Critical Damage in ArcheAge

How much critical damage can you get in ArcheAge combat? Does 95K sound like enough? Pohx Kappa and some pals decided to experiment with critical damage to see how high they could make it go. Under controlled conditions with the right abilities, they got it to as high as a 95K combo, recorded in the […]

War Thunder Gameplay Multiplayer – [Ground Strike] Port (Arcade Battle)

NEW War Thunder Gameplay Multiplayer covers gameplay action of World War 2 plane simulator combat. Download : http://warthunder.com/ Hope you enjoy this new …

Archeage G-Star 2010 expo Gameplay video part 1 – MMO HD TV (720p)

P2P– http://www.MMOReviews.com http://www.JuegaEnRed.com http://www.MMOGInfo.com http://www.MMOPeople.com –F2P– http://www.f2p.com http://www.FreeMMORPG… Video Rating: 5 / 5 Archeage Naval Combat http://www.archeage.com/en#ship-warfare. Video Rating: 3 / 5

ArcheAge Online CBT3 Gameplay Ship Battle Board Enemy Ship

ArcheAge Online CBT3 Day 3 Report – I wanted to kill them but we were outnumbered! http://www.facebook.com/steparus http://www.steparu.com http://www.steparu…