How Will ArcheAge Look on My Machine? Ultra-High Settings Vs. Ultra Low

Maybe you want to play ArcheAge. Maybe you don’t have the best PC. Don’t worry. If you don’t care that much about graphical quality, you don’t need a beast of a machine to run ArcheAge. Here’s a video showing just how high and how low you can set the graphical quality. It’s pretty damn low. […]

ArcheAge MMO with Truly NextGen Graphics Using the CryEngine 3 Graphics Engine HD 720p

ArcheAge ( codenamed: Project X2 ) is a next generation CryEngine 2 powered MMO currently being developed by Jake Song ( Creator of Lineage ) and XL Games. T… This week’s episode covers new info from Fallen Earth, ArcheAge, Magic The Gathering, Final Fantasy XIV, MineCraft, and World of Tanks. Fallen Earth: http://… Video Rating: […]