Guild Accidentally Makes Decent Ad For ArcheAge

Seriously, Jolly Q’s highlight reel here might be a better pitch for why one should play ArcheAge than anything Trion Worlds has put out. All gameplay footage, it gives you a good look at PVP, naval battles, sieges and all of the weird and wonderful things you can do in ArcheAge like flying gliders and […]

The End of Anthalon

The Legacy guild brings a lot of firepower to bear to take down this powerful enemy on Enla. OK, so they zerged the hell out Anthalon, but you go with what works. Is it the first kill of this boss? Well, no, that’s super controversial, with lots of other guilds claiming they got it first […]

Crazy ArcheAge Large-Scale PVP

There’s so much going on in this video it looks like a full-scale war. It starts off with some bombing runs around an embattled city, then there’s some sped up ship combat to the death. You may want to turn down the sound, though. The music is loud and not to everyone’s taste.