XL Games Previews Bigger, Better Houses in ArcheAge 1.8

This new video from XL Games shows off new housing features that will be rolling out in the 1.8 version of ArcheAge. As you can see, the update includes much nicer-looking two and even three story houses. It also allows you to integrate agriculture and workshops into your houses in an aesthetically pleasing way. The […]

ArcheAge Korea is Getting Two-Story Housing

How do big cities respond to a land shortage? They build up. And soon ArcheAge players can, too, at least in Korea. The Korean version of ArcheAge is getting a new cash shop item in version 1.8 that will allow players to build two story houses. Need more room for all your stuff? Add a […]

Simple Living With the 8 by 8 ArcheAge House

Unless you’ve got a, cough, superhuman advantage, land in ArcheAge can be hard to come by. So why shouldn’t ArcheAge mirror real life, where people in places where there is less land, like Japan, make the most of what they have. You’ve got to think small. And that’s how BMFarhtz is thinking. This Reddit user […]

ArcheAge Opening Auroria Continent Nov. 4

ArcheAge starting to feel a bit small? Trion Worlds has confirmed it will be officially opening the Auroria continent Nov. 4, offering you new zones to explore and maybe a slightly better chance at claiming a piece of land for yourself. Auroria adds six new zones to the game. Four are up for grabs for […]

Explore ArcheAge Housing in This New Video

This new developer video from Trion Worlds shows off the housing systems in ArcheAge, including claiming the land, doing the build, and then defending it from other players. It was captured from a Trion Worlds’ livestream on Friday afternoon.