If You Can Dodge a Cannon, You Can Dodge a Ball

Here some fun-loving ArcheAge players have set up a dodgeball game on the Ezi server. The game is hosted by the Pirate Guild, Wallop, so there’s a bit of a twist. The “balls” are fired from cannons, and they look like they hurt. A lot. The game goes until there’s a last player standing, who […]

Funky Flash Mob Heats Up ArcheAge

Flash mobs are sooooo 2006, but that said, I can still appreciate a good one. And Jempire’s recent flash mob on Salphira redefines a funky good time. The video, set to a mashup of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre,” and the Beegees’ “Staying Alive,” shows the Jempire guild doing a lot of funky line dancing, glider […]

Yes, It’s an ArcheAge Driveby

I guess if you put cars in your fantasy game, these things are going to happen. Jebusthelostwookie and some Fourth Meal guild pals on Kyrios West (west-side, get it?) loaded up their cars and went driving around popping caps in fools. The victims were probably mostly surprised at how bizarre it was. The plan is […]

Side Scooting For Fun and Profit (OK, Maybe Not Profit)

Here’s a video from Dremlock showing us an eccentric way to travel in ArcheAge, side scooting. Dremlock bounces a Mirage Leomorph all over ArcheAge, including, it looks like, through some other people’s battles. It’s just this kind of dedication to fooling around and finding fun and weird things to do in the sandbox that makes […]

ArcheAge Players Visit Shrine to RNGesus

When you’re trying to craft that rare set in ArcheAge, the random element can either mean you get something great or, whoops, you just wasted hours of your life. Sometimes you feel like you could use a little divine intervention. That’s why players turn to RNGEsus. The RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and he’s […]

An Unlikely Pair Enjoy ArcheAge in Funny Video

So, here’s a video of two ArcheAge characters, dressed up as The Joker and Two Face from D.C. Comics, just chilling in ArcheAge. There’s also some nice scenery and decent dancing. To the tune of “Just The Two of Us.” There’s no real explanation for it, but it’s a great example of how wonderfully weird […]

Fun Times in ArcheAge

Sometimes when there’s a lot of controversy or gloom and doom, we like to kick back with a video that reminds us that ArcheAge is supposed to be fun. These antics from SumStrangeGuy definitely fit the bill. Enjoy!