An Auroria Land Rush Re-Enactment

To say it’s hard to get some land in ArcheAge might be an itty bitty understatement. The new Auroria continent adds 30 percent more housing, which becomes available after guilds claim the land and build castles. You’d think that’d alleviate things, but … So how did opening up this new land go? Bikeman has a […]

Criminal Makes a Hilarious Mockery of ArcheAge Justice

This funny ArcheAge video starts with Bikeman killing someone, like you do. He’s sent immediately to jail to answer for that and a long list of other crimes, 121 reports in all. His defense, which includes nonsense like “An older kid told me to do it” and a lot of dramatic speech making and a […]

Simple Living With the 8 by 8 ArcheAge House

Unless you’ve got a, cough, superhuman advantage, land in ArcheAge can be hard to come by. So why shouldn’t ArcheAge mirror real life, where people in places where there is less land, like Japan, make the most of what they have. You’ve got to think small. And that’s how BMFarhtz is thinking. This Reddit user […]

An Unbearably Cute ArcheAge Mount Video

BikestMan always reliably brings the funny, and this video of him riding his bear mount is no exception. The bear runs wild and free, tearing through towns and wilderness, occasionally picking his owner up like a little baby and carrying him. Getting a mount as cool as the Fast Black Bear is not easy or […]

A Drastic Solution to the AFK Problem

Sure, lots of gamers are annoyed by people clogging up ArcheAge servers and avoiding its AFK (Away From Keyboard) timer by doing things like auto-attacking training dummies. But they mostly shake their heads and let it go. Zoxx Tearshorn, however, has a much more extreme, humorous, and farm-equipment-based vigilante solution to the issue. He just […]

Run Carrot Dash! Take a Look at a Rare, Silly Mount

ArcheAge is now suffering the inevitable launch pains of any MMORPG. Long queue times, glitches, and issues with patron accounts abound. Some fans are accepting and patient, some fans are pissed and shouting for blood. If other games are any indication all or most of it will blow over with time. So in the meantime […]

Release the Kraken, Then Kick its Butt

In this video you can watch Seatinmanoflegends in a brutal fight against the Kraken. Well, actually you can watch his guildmates in VOTF in the fight, Seatin shows up late for the raid and doesn’t really help much. The Kraken is one of the tougher boss fights in ArcheAge and it takes a lot of […]