Ride Along for ‘The Great Journey of Eliphas La Mancha’ Through ArcheAge

Well, this is the kind of thing I like to see. Slightly literary, extremely stupid. It’s way too long, but keep watching, it comes around to funny again by the end. The only flaw is, where are the windmills? I saw no windmills, video creator modestly named His Magnificence. I did see a lot of […]

Get Hyped for the Third Beta With The Tale of Captain Andy Trout

ArcheAge’s third closed beta starts today. Are ye in? Sorry about the ye, but it’ll become clear when you watch the video. The beta begins today, Thursday, August 14 at 10:00 AM PDT runs until that same time on Monday, August 18. Your experience of the video probably won’t be as wild as the adventures […]

An ArcheAge Jury Trial, TV Courtroom Drama Version

Here’s a funny ArcheAge video that shows off the jury system in ArcheAge, in the style of Law and Order and other TV courtroom dramas. There’s a little Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in there, too. The video-maker overdoes it a bit with some unfunny Halo and Fred Durst references playing off the defendant’s clan name, […]

Put Your Tradeship On Spin Cycle

You’ve probably seen people spinning their tradeships in the ArcheAge beta or Alpha. Or at seen videos of it. But do you know how it’s done? A YouTuber with the name YourFatherDad (No! That’s not true! that’s impossible!) has shared the secret. It’s a simple method to exploit a quirk of ArcheAge’s physics engine, mostly […]

Let’s Check in on ArcheAge in Japan

The ArcheAge closed beta is going on right now, and it’s a lot of fun, as long as you can get that damn boar without being trampled by 300 other Firrans. But other countries have had the game for a while and have a more matured user base. So how are things going there? The […]

Shenanigans on the High Seas in ArcheAge

Monkey Business Gaming took its galleon out to see what trouble they could get into. They couldn’t find any pirates or opposing factions, but they manage just find with some severe screwing around. This video gets hilarious quickly due to a complete disregard for the rule of the sea. You learn why you shouldn’t mess […]

A Cautionary Tale From ArcheAge’s High Seas

Building your own boat and sailing on trade runs is one of the most fun things you can do in ArcheAge. And one of the most dangerous. Zorthos1 was so enthusiastic about finally getting his own clipper he set out on a trade run on his own without help from a guild. Not such a […]