ArcheAge Updates Include New Servers, Bot Bans, Daily Restarts

Today Trion Worlds posted a new update on ArcheAge and how it has been addressing some of the problems that have popped up since its Western launch. According to the post, Trion has recently added three new North American servers to address the painfully long queue times some users were experiencing. Fortunately, new users are […]

Run Carrot Dash! Take a Look at a Rare, Silly Mount

ArcheAge is now suffering the inevitable launch pains of any MMORPG. Long queue times, glitches, and issues with patron accounts abound. Some fans are accepting and patient, some fans are pissed and shouting for blood. If other games are any indication all or most of it will blow over with time. So in the meantime […]

ArcheAge Launches in the West

It was a long, sometimes seemingly interminable wait, but ArcheAge is now available to play in the North America and Europe. The full version of the free-to-play MMORPG went live today, with F2P players able to download the client at 1 PM ET, an hour delayed because of server issues. Players who had client installed […]

ArcheAge Head Start Begins Today

The public ArcheAge release date is still Sept. 16, but if you’re one of the purchasers of an ArcheAge Founder’s Pack you can start playing today. Head start begins today at 10:00 AM PDT and runs until 8:00 AM PDT  on Tuesday, September 16, according to Trion Worlds. Of course, since there isn’t any wipe […]