Tips For Starting Your Own Yata Farm and More

Monkey Business Gaming has produced another great ArcheAge video. This one eschews the actual monkey business a bit for some serious tips about starting and running a yata farm for profit and powerful mounts. Encouraging yatas to have the sexy times and breed turns out to be a more complex process than you’d think, even […]

What Can You Buy at the ArcheAge Cash Shop?

If you want to, you can get what most of you want in ArcheAge by grinding away and quests, crafting and activities. But if you’ve got money and not a lot of patience, there’s a recently opened cash shop that’ll make things a lot quicker for a little of your real world gold. And it […]

Firran Starting Point and Patch 1.2 Changes

This is a new video from the always entertaining Monkey Business Gaming. In addition to the usual laughs, you get to see the guys make new Firran characters and check out the kitty-cat men’s starting area and early quests. It also serves as an intro to some of the changes in the 1.2 patch, which […]