Is This Real Life? Is This Just ArcheAge Fantasy?

Here’s a really neat cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” composed and played in ArcheAge. And set to a slick music video! The video creator, Peter North, composed the piece on music paper in-game. Instruments played include “Musperosa’s Voice Flute for background vocal layers, Autumn Wind Horn for Freddie Mercury vocal layer, lower octaves on the […]

At 20,000 Artistry, the Angel Beats! Theme Sounds Sublime in ArcheAge

Try to play this at a low level and it’s going to sound like hot garbage, but Fauster has leveled up a character to 20K artistry, so every note sounds like an angel’s sigh dropping from heaven. The tune is the “My Soul, Your Beats,” the theme from Angel Beats!, a popular 2010 anime about […]

Here’s What ArcheAge Player Music Sounds Like at the Highest Level

I’ve shown videos of songs composed in ArcheAge before, and one thing that you’ve probably noticed is the performances sound, well, not so hot. That’s because it takes time and money to level composing in ArcheAge, and it’s not something players are likely to level anyway. But orcanaria was willing to put in the time […]

How to Put Your Own Music in ArcheAge, and Have Your Character Play It

The sandbox elements in ArcheAge are so deep you can get buried in them. As an example, here’s an interesting guide to getting your own music ported into ArcheAge, so your character can play it on their instrument. If they have the proficiency. The song used? Of course it’s “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae […]