Crazy ArcheAge Large-Scale PVP

There’s so much going on in this video it looks like a full-scale war. It starts off with some bombing runs around an embattled city, then there’s some sped up ship combat to the death. You may want to turn down the sound, though. The music is loud and not to everyone’s taste.

A Guide to Surviving and Leveling in PVP Zones

ArcheAge offers a lot of freedoms to players. And one of those freedoms is to gank the living crap out of you or otherwise ruin your day in PVP zones. That can be tough for players looking to level. Scion Storm has provided a nice guide to help deal with this and still get things […]

Three Versus 100 PVP? You’ll be surprised how this goes

Here’s a video showing off what kind of emergent gameplay opportunities ArcheAge can present for a, let’s just say enterprising, player. These players snuck up on the Oran’Thul guild as it was “Zerg-rushing” an encounter and fired heavy weapons directly into the most dense area of the swarm. The result? Ninety-Seven kills, plus 97 surely […]