ArcheAge Servers Back Up

Checking as I write this, it seems like Trion Worlds has gotten its ArcheAge server problems under the control. All of the servers seem to be up now, although obviously that could change quickly. Trion Worlds has also promised generous compensation for the recent downtime, which they plan to announce today. Unfortunately, while the servers […]

ArcheAge Updates Include New Servers, Bot Bans, Daily Restarts

Today Trion Worlds posted a new update on ArcheAge and how it has been addressing some of the problems that have popped up since its Western launch. According to the post, Trion has recently added three new North American servers to address the painfully long queue times some users were experiencing. Fortunately, new users are […]

ArcheAge DDoSed During Head Start

This is why we can’t have nice things. Well, actually, the fact that implicit social contracts break down under conditions of anonymity or when dealing with people we have been taught to regard as “the other” is why we can’t have nice things. But the weekend DDoS attack on ArcheAge is an example of it. […]

Two More Servers Already Added For ArcheAge Beta

The ArcheAge beta is popular, perhaps a bit more popular than Trion Worlds expected. Today, the same day the beta went live, the company announce it was adding two additional servers to carry the load. The new servers are called Naima (NA) and Kyprosa (EU). It’s not hard to see why these were added if […]