Trion Listens to Players, Adds Sloth Glider to Loyalty Store

When ArcheAge players saw signs on the ArcheAge public test server that the adorable sloth glider might be an RNG Box only item on the cash store, they hit the roof. But Trion has listened to player concerns and offered another way to get the cute little guy. After all, no one really wants to […]

Looks Like ArcheAge’s Sloth Glider Might Come in an RNG Box

Better get your prayer beads out and start praying to RNGesus, because if reports from players playing the latest update on the ArcheAge Public Test Server (PTS) are accurate, it looks like the coolest glider ever will probably be an RNG box item. Yes, the Sloth Glider, made famous by YouTuber Bikeman and also by […]

The Sloth Glider Gets Gangsta

Watch live video from BikeMan on Twitch Bikeman continues his quest to bring attention to the sloth glider with this funky new video. We’ve embedded the Twitch version here, because Bikeman used KRS One’s “Sound of da Police” for the soundtrack and that seems to have gotten the video blocked on U.S. YouTube. The sloth […]

Sloth Glider, That is All

Bikeman calls on his fan to harass Trion Worlds to bring this unbearably cute sloth glider to American ArcheAge. The sloth glider is a paid item in Korea, although Bikeman doesn’t want that in the U.S. There’s a profanity-laden tirade about what Bikeman will do if it ends up in an RNG box. He fully […]