One Weird Trick to Leveling Fishing

I admit it, I like to fish in MMOs and RPGs. I know I could be out slaying monsters and stuff, but dammit, there’s fish to catch. MMOsite gets me. It also gets that leveling up fishing can be a tedious pain in the butt, so it’s created a guide to leveling it up quickly. […]

Tips For Playing ArcheAge F2P and Progress on Fighting Bots

Scion Storm has put together a nice new video that offers some helpful advice to two types of ArcheAge players. Are you the type of player that hates bots? Here is some praise for Trion Worlds’ ArcheAge GMs for zotting some bots. Are you the type of player that never likes to pay for anything? […]

Put Your Tradeship On Spin Cycle

You’ve probably seen people spinning their tradeships in the ArcheAge beta or Alpha. Or at seen videos of it. But do you know how it’s done? A YouTuber with the name YourFatherDad (No! That’s not true! that’s impossible!) has shared the secret. It’s a simple method to exploit a quirk of ArcheAge’s physics engine, mostly […]