ArcheAge Launches in the West

It was a long, sometimes seemingly interminable wait, but ArcheAge is now available to play in the North America and Europe. The full version of the free-to-play MMORPG went live today, with F2P players able to download the client at 1 PM ET, an hour delayed because of server issues. Players who had client installed […]

ArcheAge DDoSed During Head Start

This is why we can’t have nice things. Well, actually, the fact that implicit social contracts break down under conditions of anonymity or when dealing with people we have been taught to regard as “the other” is why we can’t have nice things. But the weekend DDoS attack on ArcheAge is an example of it. […]

ArcheAge Archeum Change Causes Controversy

Some ArcheAge players are not happy about some changes Trion Worlds made to ArcheAge before this week’s open beta began, and money is at the root of it. The biggest stink has been raised about Archeum Supply Crates  being added to the ArcheAge cast shop. The chests give you, among several other things, archeum, a resource that […]

Trion Worlds Beefs Up Security For Glyph

Trion Worlds announced today it is beefing up the security of its Glyph system, which is used for access to its games like ArcheAge and RIFT. Although this change was already in the works, it comes as a pretty good time, as ArcheAge drew media attention when players recently had their accounts hijacked and purchases […]

ArcheAge Players Scammed by Botters, Trion Says

IGN has reported that some ArcheAge players found $150 Archeum Founder’s Packs charged to their accounts, founder’s packs they definitely didn’t pay for. The problem even extended to people who play other Trion Worlds’ games like Rift and had never heard of Archeage. Trion has issued a statement saying it was not hacked. Instead, it […]

Trion Plans Party, Special Announcement at PAX Prime

Trion Worlds is having a little party for its fans at Pax Prime August 29, and teasing a big announcement. Could this be where the release date for ArcheAge will be revealed? The Trion Community Party is open to the public and will start Friday, August 29 at the W Hotel in Seattle, according to a Trion Worlds blog […]

Fourth ArcheAge Closed Beta Coming Aug. 22

Trion Worlds has just wrapped its third ArcheAge closed beta, but it’s not going to make you wait that long for the next one. Conflict and Conquest, the fourth closed beta, starts Friday, August 22 at 10:00 AM PDT and will run until that time on Wednesday, August 27, according to the official ArcheAge site. New to […]