Trion Worlds Upgrades Hardware to Meet ArcheAge Alpha Demand

Now here’s a good sign. The ArcheAge alpha is so popular that Trion Worlds recently sent an e-mail saying it had doubled its server hardware twice since the alpha started. According to an e-mail from Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman: “The massive number of Archeum Founders has really helped us stress test the way we […]

Explore ArcheAge Housing in This New Video

This new developer video from Trion Worlds shows off the housing systems in ArcheAge, including claiming the land, doing the build, and then defending it from other players. It was captured from a Trion Worlds’ livestream on Friday afternoon.

ArcheAge Livestream Today at 5 p.m. ET

Watch live video from TrionWorlds on Trion Worlds plans an “Exploring ArcheAge” livestream, the first of a series, today at 5 p.m. ET. The video is embedded above, or you can check it out on Trion’s Twitch TV site. According to the official website, the first video will focus on player housing, and […]

Trion Releases New ArcheAge FAQ

The new FAQ  on Trion Worlds’ official ArcheAge site is mostly basic information, but there’s a lot of it and it’s good to have it gathered in one place. The FAQ talks about the gameplay, the current friends and family Alpha, the beta, and several other topics. Perhaps the most interesting topic covered is Trion’s […]

Trion Will Control Prices in ArcheAge’s Cash Shop

Pieces of how ArchAge’s western free-to-play model will work continue to fall into place. In answer to a question on ArcheAge Source about how much control Trion Worlds has over the prices in ArcheAge’s cash shop, Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman said those prices are set by Trion. “We decide what’s in it and at […]

Trion’s Scott Hartsman Reveals Details About ArcheAge Western Release

In a recent interview with, Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman said Trion is doing “everything in our power” to make ArcheAge live in the west. Hartsman said there is a lot of tech work involved in bringing the game to the west, including: making the game support three languages so it can ship in […]

ArcheAge Confirmed to be Coming This Year

According to Trion Worlds, ArcheAge is on track for a launch date this year in the west. “ArcheAge is launching in the Americas and Europe this year, 2014,” Trion Worlds community manager Evan “Scapes” Berman posted in response to a question on the ArcheAge forum, ArcheAge Source. That’s big news for fans who have been waiting […]