End of Holiday Update Available on ArcheAge PTS

A new update is available on the ArcheAge public test server that will re-ice the hearts of those tired of all of this warm holiday cheer. The new update, build 4.17,  is relatively basic. It ends the Winter Maiden Festival events and other holiday fun and makes a few stability upgrades. It should go live on […]

Explore Three New Zones in Korean ArcheAge 1.7

Looking at Korean Archeage is like gazing into the future. Today, HappyGhostCentral lights up their crystal ball and gives us a peek at three new zones that are active in Korea and will most likely come to ArcheAge in the rest of the world. One of the zones is an interesting-looking arctic zone, although HappyGhostCentral […]

ArcheAge Patch Starts Auroria Sieges Sooner and Adds Anti-Cheat Upgrades

A new update to ArcheAge will up the timetable on Auroria sieges, attempt to dial down the number of false positive disconnections caused by HackShield, strengthen the spam filter and add some new anti-hacking software. Wanna defend that castle? You’d better hustle. The patch  is scheduled to be applied today, Nov. 14, in both North […]

Auroria Update Out Today

ArcheAge adds a brand new continent for you to explore today. And a whole new land rush as people try to claim spots for housing! Auroria adds six new zones to the game. Four are up for grabs for guilds to claim and rule from a castle they can build. Thirty percent more housing space […]

Today’s ArcheAge Update Includes Hallowtide Event

Today ArcheAge will be updating to Version 1.2 Build 4.13. This new patch will bring several changes to the game, including a seasonal event called Hallowtide, and a tweak to placing property that may hopefully discourage land-grabbing hackers. The North American servers will be down three to five hours starting 8:00 AM PDT to add […]

ArcheAge Update Brings Fixes for Chat and More

Today’s update to ArcheAge makes some changes to fight spam, toughens up the Kraken and adds more healer rewards, among other fixes. The build Version 1.2 Build 4.11 patch’s most notable feature is that it limits chat in faction, shout, trade, need party and nation channels to characters 15 or higher, which should make spammers […]