Now These Are Some Crowded Boats

Sure, you’ve seen Zerg PVP. But have you seen Zerg PVP … ON A BOAT? This video features Equilibrium, Immortal and Exile against Celestial Lust and Kraken’s Maw in a sea brawl for it all.  It gets intense in and off the boats. The ocean looks like a deadly swimming pool by the end. Have […]

Controversial Arche PVP Vid: Real or Staged?

This is, on the surface, a funny vid where one ArcheAge player is attacked in their house by three somewhat noobish gankers who are very swiftly discouraged when they realize they are outmatched. Some of the people who viewed it in the thread  the player, Phoxly, posted on Reddit, however, consider it a bit too […]

Is This Real Life? Is This Just ArcheAge Fantasy?

Here’s a really neat cover of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” composed and played in ArcheAge. And set to a slick music video! The video creator, Peter North, composed the piece on music paper in-game. Instruments played include “Musperosa’s Voice Flute for background vocal layers, Autumn Wind Horn for Freddie Mercury vocal layer, lower octaves on the […]

Just a Big ‘Ole Fight

This is actually titled Faction War for Yntsere, and that it well may be, but that’s not what is is appealing about it. What’s appealing is the chaotic, large-scale nature of this PVP contest. If you want go big or go home PVP, that’s something ArcheAge serves up well. From the description the person who […]

Farm Wagon Tutorial Video

There’s a lot of drama in the ArcheAge world right now, with some players not so happy about some recent events like servers problems during the Auroria launch. Instead of focusing on that endlessly, how about taking a break for something constructive? Here’s a nice, relaxing tutorial video from AyinMaiden that demonstrates how to maximize […]

Meanwhile, in ArcheAge

Hear me out. This is important because it both creates and answers its own huge philosophical question. What do people do when you give them a big virtual sandbox world and let them do anything they want? This. This is what they do. The guild dancing is The Filthy Casuals. The server is Dahuta. And […]

ArcheAge Player Opens 1,000 Jester’s Coin Purses

Before the launch of ArcheAge there was a bit of controversy about archeum drop rates and rewards. One intrepid, patient player, Madawac, recently gathered 1,000 Jester’s Coin Purses and opened them all. You can watch the mindnumbingly repetitive 15 minute video above, or you can just skip to the end to check out his loot. […]