Gotta Get Paid! A Guide to Getting Gold in ArcheAge

You’ll be able to fully dive in to ArcheAge on Sept. 16, Sept. 12 if you’re part of the head start. When you do, you don’t want to be poor, do you? Pohx Kappa has created a helpful video giving some tips on how to make gold in Archeage. Pohx goes over the 21 official […]

ArcheAge Preview From PAX Prime

MMO Reporter Network did this video interview with Victoria Voss, lead producer of ArcheAge for Trion Worlds, at PAX Prime last weekend in Seattle. The nearly 30 minutes of preview footage  is unfortunately shot off a screen, but it provides a good overview and intro as you get prepared for the start of Thursday’s open […]

Early ArcheAge Was Very Different

This early ArcheAge tech demo from 2010, dug up by LostEphixia on Reddit, features a much different direction for ArcheAge than the one we have today. It focuses almost entirely on deformable terrain made possible by ArcheAge running on CryEngine, showing a player launching fireballs at wooden bridges and other structures and bringing them down […]

How Will ArcheAge Look on My Machine? Ultra-High Settings Vs. Ultra Low

Maybe you want to play ArcheAge. Maybe you don’t have the best PC. Don’t worry. If you don’t care that much about graphical quality, you don’t need a beast of a machine to run ArcheAge. Here’s a video showing just how high and how low you can set the graphical quality. It’s pretty damn low. […]

Here’s What ArcheAge Player Music Sounds Like at the Highest Level

I’ve shown videos of songs composed in ArcheAge before, and one thing that you’ve probably noticed is the performances sound, well, not so hot. That’s because it takes time and money to level composing in ArcheAge, and it’s not something players are likely to level anyway. But orcanaria was willing to put in the time […]

One Gamer’s Top 10 Things To Do in Archeage

So what can you do in ArcheAge? Things. You can do things. Here are the top 10 of those things, as reckoned by CaptainShack at TGN. The list includes: • Building a home • Running a dungeon. • Fishing • Farming • Fighting a war • Trade runs and piracy • Hunting world bosses • Exploring the world • Community and politics • Sailing the oceans […]

The Bot Invasion of ArcheAge

Watch live video from Killadrix77 on TwitchTV With every popular MMORPG, they come. Bots. Soulless automatons programmed only to earn in game currency and items so their handlers can sell it for real money to people who don’t want to grind it themselves in the game. Killadrix77 stumbled upon a beach landing of a group […]