How to Get Wood in ArcheAge

One thing you’ll notice about ArcheAge, there is a lot of focus on wood. You need wood to build things. It’s can also be a valuable resource to make a profit on. This woodcutting guide video from BoneFireTv shows how to more efficiently obtain wood, getting the most profit with the shortest yield time. It’s […]

Party Barge vs. Kraken: They Died For The Lulz

In this hilarious video from BikeMan a party barge full of nearly nude ArcheAge players sets out on the sea out to fight the Kraken. It does not go well. But they died doing what they loved. And everyone went to a dance party after. That’s much more fun than real-life sea disasters.

ArcheAge Character Customization for All Four Races

Unique looks are everything in an MMORPG. You don’t want to run around and see clones of yourself everywhere you go. So to help plan your character, here’s a very useful set of videos from Scion Storm that show off the customization options for all four major races of ArcheAge. Scion storm customized male and […]

A Journey of Exploration, and Petty Theft, in ArcheAge

One of the interesting things about ArcheAge, and one of the things that enhances its “do-anything” sandbox gameplay, is its crime and punishment system. You can choose to go around commit crimes against other players, although that can end up with you getting caught and put in virtual jail for your crimes. Theft is what […]

Video of All ArcheAge Skill Trees

Here’s a great set of videos from Nekrage that shows off all ArcheAge skills and all 10 skill trees. Nekrage helpfully demonstrates the pros and cons of each. Great for helping you to plan a character. The initial video is a “lobby” video that allows you to pick between videos showing off the different skill […]

Beta Signup Info for ArcheAge, Plus Video

If you want to get in the ArcheAge English beta when it opens, you’ll have to sign up first. Thankfully, Trion Worlds has a convenient form that’ll allow you to do just that. Sign up for the ArcheAge beta here: To whet your appetite, check out the video above. It’s a more tightly edited […]

Check Out More Than 40 Minutes of ArcheAge Demo Video

Trion Worlds spent last week demoing ArcheAge at the Game Developer Conference, but reading reports is not the same thing as watching it for yourself. Fortunately there’s this video, captured from a recent Trion lives-stream, that shows off the various features of the game, including character creation and customization, naval combat, gliders and mounts, claiming […]