A Tank’s-Eye View of an Archeage Boss Battle

Players that can tank well deserve more respect in MMORPGs. Sure, getting hit in the face isn’t flashy, but if they weren’t getting hit in the face you would be.

This video shows a tank’s-eye view of the first part of the Serpentis 10-person raid in ArcheAge. I know the pimp hat and flowery dress doesn’t especially look like a tanking outfit, but this is Archeage, so just go with it.

The room in the video features two hard-hitting giant boss enemies. The video creator, i wear suits, said the video was made from a tank’s point of view to try to show some effective tanking techniques to ArcheAge newbies. I wear suits described their technique on Reddit, including the fact that they wear their full plate armor under their pretty dress.

“Yes I use the defense spells to build initial aggro and the heals to keep it going. My main rotation is shrug it off > bull rush > mocking howl > boastful roar. In this fight I sometimes dropped bull rush, which is why the dps start pulling aggro towards the end of the fights. I did so because I was afraid to pull the other boss on the other side of the room, which has a very large aggro range. Also yes, I was in full plate for this,” i wear suits said.

So let’s salute the humble and noble tank. As we watch them take one for the team, take a moment to nod in appreciation and think “Damn, glad that isn’t me!”

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