Trion CEO Responds To Criticism About Bans

Reddit user Enla, frustrated by recent problems in ArcheAge with APEX and other exploits, drew a comic to express their take on the issue.

The conclusion of the comic is that Trion Worlds is more willing to ban innocent F2P players than obviously exploit-happy players who spend lots of money.

The comic got so much attention that Trion Worlds CEO Scott Harstman stopped into the comments section to address its claims.

“Definitely sorry to hear that’s the perception. In the APEX event this past Sunday, the highest value account that got banned was in the multiple thousands USD. There were also quite a few in the hundreds of dollars that went away,” Hartsman wrote.

Hartsman also explained that first major APEX exploit, for which people bragged about 24 hour bans despite exploiting it to gain thousand of extra credits, was different than the second one and thus handled differently.

The first issue could be, and was, triggered accidentally by people. The second could not. We couldn’t win with the first one – If we smacked everyone, we’d be drawn and quartered for overbanning. If we cleaned up what we could and released them, we’re soft on it. (Even though the worst of the worst from the first one did get banned, and some still continue to get smacked in ongoing cleanups. That’s too nuanced for it to get much play here or on forums),” Hartsman wrote.

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