Trion CEO Scott Hartsman Explains Launch Problems

So if you tried to get in Archeage as soon as it launched on the 16th, you might have had a bad time. Or at least a long wait, as early queue lengths could be massive even for people with patron status. Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartman recently defended/explained the launch to Massively, Joystiq’s MMO site.

Hartsmann said the problem simply boiled down to more people showing up to play than even alpha and beta testing led Trion to expect.

“There’s a lot of science that goes into forecasting how many people are going to show up for a new game, when they’re going to show up, and how long they’ll stick around. Beyond that, external factors such as what else is going on in online games can also have a huge impact.”

“We base our projections off of what we’ve seen in our own games, where we have perfect visibility into the data, as well as others’. We then scale up our capacity to match expectations, and purchase a reasonable buffer of overflow room for extra. As people saw during alpha and beta, our forecasts held up 100% correctly through the beginning of head start,” He said.

Trion had more servers in North America waiting in the wings that could be pulled online relatively quickly, but in Europe new servers had to be purchased and shipped and that held up the upgrades a little bit longer. Hartsman said there’s also a balancing act at play in adding new servers at launch. You don’t want to waste the resources adding servers that will soon become ghost towns, abandoned by players who were only trying out the game.

“We’ve heard just as many calls for ‘no more servers’ as we have for ‘more servers.’ The view from in-game couldn’t be more different than the view from the some places on the internet,” Hartsman said.

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