Sloth Glider

Trion Listens to Players, Adds Sloth Glider to Loyalty Store

When ArcheAge players saw signs on the ArcheAge public test server that the adorable sloth glider might be an RNG Box only item on the cash store, they hit the roof. But Trion has listened to player concerns and offered another way to get the cute little guy.

After all, no one really wants to gamble hundreds of real world bucks to buy boxes hoping their random number will come up and they’ll get the sloth glider. So Trion has also added it to the loyalty store as an item that can be bought for loyalty tokens.

ArcheAge Community Manager Evan “Scapes” Berman made the announcement that Trion had changed course after players expressed despair that the most cuddly-wuddly thing ever had been put behind an insurmountable paywall.

“Simply: if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We talked with XLGAMES about the impact on the community’s long-term happiness and they agreed that it is paramount. Based on your feedback and our commitment to making items accessible through a variety of methods, the sloth glider will now also be available from the Loyalty Store for 350 tokens. We’ll be updating the PTS Marketplace to reflect this change in a few minutes. The live Marketplace update will slightly delayed while we test this Loyalty Store addition on PTS,” Berman wrote.

Berman also confirmed that the glider will stay in the shop for more than 70 days to give players enough time to build up the loyalty tokens, just in case you’ve gone and blown them on something else.

This certainly seems like a fair solution, and its nice to see Trion responding to fan feedback quickly.

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