Trion Releases New ArcheAge FAQ

The new FAQ  on Trion Worlds’ official ArcheAge site is mostly basic information, but there’s a lot of it and it’s good to have it gathered in one place.

The FAQ talks about the gameplay, the current friends and family Alpha, the beta, and several other topics. Perhaps the most interesting topic covered is Trion’s plans for ArcheAge localization.

How much control does Trion Worlds have over the development of Archeage for the West?
Trion Worlds is the publisher of ArcheAge in the West and we interact closely with XL Games, the developer of ArcheAge based in South Korea, to ensure that we publish a game that is true to the promise of the open-world sandbox we’ve all been waiting so patiently for. We work with XL Games to understand new features that are added to ArcheAge in the East to determine how well they will be accepted in our regions, and then offer feedback. XL Games has been fantastic in addressing that feedback as best as they can. In situations where a feature is added that we don’t think will be appropriate for our audiences, we work with XL Games to modify or remove that feature from our version.

What does “localization” mean in terms of ArcheAge?
ArcheAge’s localization involves more than just translation from Korean into English, French, and German! It’s also about tweaking the content to ensure that the lore and jokes are appropriate for Western audiences. Some of the jokes that make sense in Korea don’t translate that well for Western audiences, so we adjust them to keep the humor. One of the challenges with localizing from Korean is that the language structure is very different from English, French, or German. The game is localized into English first, and then the edited text is translated into French and German. It makes the whole process take a bit longer, but the result is so much better!

The FAQ gives a “wait and see” answer to those that are concerned about whether the game’s controversial 1.0 update will happen in the west. Some players have complained the update takes away from ArcheAge’s appealing “sandbox” gameplay and makes the game more like a standard MMORPG grind.

Is Trion Worlds going to include all the 1.0 patch changes from ArcheAge’s Korean version?
We are watching how the changes are being received in other regions, and are working with XL Games to ensure that we adopt changes that maintain the focus on the sandbox elements of ArcheAge. In our recent trip to Korea, we were happy to be able to talk with the heads of XL Games as well as some of the ArcheAge game designers about the recent changes that they have made. Some of those changes were made specifically for XL Games’ market.

Check out the full FAQ here:

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